Debt Settlement Lawyer Boca Raton

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the fastest, cheapest and most effective form of debt relief. However, not everyone is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy candidate. Further, some people are averse to filing bankruptcy. For those clients we offer debt settlement and debt negotiation services. Our Boca Raton debt settlement attorneys bring decades of experience negotiating debts in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties. We offer a free one-hour debt negotiation consultation where we assess the likely cost of a debt settlement engagement.

Working with a debt settlement attorney differs from working with a debt consolidator. Debt settlement lawyers (aka a debt negotiation attorney) will work with you to customize the terms and conditions of the offers that will be made to the individual creditors, whereas a debt consolidation company will collect your money first and then try to settle your debts. With a Boca Raton debt settlement attorney, no money is paid toward settling your debt unless and until an agreement is reached with the creditor(s). Working with a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer like us is particularly advantageous because we are actually retained to file your bankruptcy and can do so if the debt negotiation fails. This tactic gives us a great advantage and ultimate leverage in negotiating your debt settlement terms and conditions.